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Kafka developed a low self-esteem because of the way his father treated him; his father made him feel as though he was not wanted by the way he treated him. His suffering and depression would make him think of disturbing thoughts like his own death.

First, he began to lose his vision. Second, the apple that his father had thrown at him began to rot. He was also cut by a piece of glass from a bottle of alcohol, which made him bleed heavily. On his way home from getting cut, he gets stuck in the door.

All of these occurrences and descriptions suggest what Kafka thought of. In addition to his descriptions, he also describes how he feels that nobody cares about him. Anyone would expect that a sudden death would shock the family but a slow and painful death would be a burden. He wrote tales of mystery to make himself at home in the world. How can these gruesome and sordid elements help anyone feel "at home in the world"? When Joseph K. But what for. But in Franz Kafka's The Trialthe arrest is signaled in the first sentence.

In most mystery stories, the reader's curiosity is aroused by the pressing question of who committed the crime. In Kafka's reversal of the genre, the guilty party is known from the outset, but what what law he violated is far less clear.

Other culprits flee from the law, but Joseph K.

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In short, every aspect of the traditional crime story is turned upside down in this famous novel. Other mysteries emerge as the story progresses, but-again-not those that typically figure in crime stories. Who are the authorities making the charges? What is the evidence?

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Visit the Hall of Fame! There is a right and a wrong way to live life, would be the third point brought up. Those who go questioning everything will not always find the answers; occasionally something significant would be uncovered, yet most things will turn up as dead ends. After leaving one of his interrogations K.

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This is symbolic of the way that Kafka found most of his problems. There would be a long hall, but only a dead end would be found. The fourth and final principle is that of how a person can cope with a power that controls, but is unknown.

This idea is the idea of blind faith Muir The religion that Kafka preached of a God who was of higher power, but you could only believe in him, and not truly see him. Kafka did the same thing with the passionate shepherd to his love critical essay character K. K is in trying to understand the power that is controlling him. Yet, this cannot truly be done. The search is to prove that the powers are wrong, yet what K.

Kafka himself found no hope in his search either, in the form of religion. These axioms play out through the entire story, make up a key role in the connections between K. The book all leads up to one key point, the death of K. Yet, the end of the book is not truly the death of K. The death of K. From the very beginning of the book K. The entire story is merely a nightmare, which ensues and engulfs his life Davin Its like a sickness that kills him.

Surely enough in the diaries of Kafka he states: Healthy now disperse the phantoms of the nightthe phantoms return as the night wears on, and in the morning they are still there, only they are not recognizable qtd. Kafka discovered that he was sick with tuberculosis when he began writing The Trial, and he conveyed his sickness through the story.

The sickness is inherently the sickness of society, and a higher power that could not be comprehended, questioned, or proven unjust. Kafka himself was feeling that his life was coming to a close in a few short years because of his incurable disease, and he took his death and moved it into a fiction world where other forces controlled the reason for the terminal ending.

He just wanted a way out. There was nothing to confess.

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Near the end of the story K.A lonely, single man comes into some money, and suddenly his fantasies can become reality. He collects butterflies, killing them and posing them in little glass plates. Is he evil. It is hard to say, and as the trial kafka essay reads the lines are blurred and morals questioned. Is that which is wrong always done with bad intentions.

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Words: - Pages: 9. Words: - Pages: 7. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. They are. Plan essay thirsha Websites. The education level of the characters correspond with their family, class, and power. Fred had a great amount of loss and struggles in his childhood. The lack of encouragement and closeness with his family affected his interest in higher education and mental stability. Miranda on the other hand has her share of family struggles but unlike Fred she grew up in a better home with well-educated parents of an upper-middle class.