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Items in Spiral are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. It is shown that the proposed methods are very competitive compared to other similar methods from the literature.

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Due to the very large volume of hyperspectral images, the memory consumption and computational time are considered for the derivation of the algorithms. Therefore, the methods given in this dissertation can be applied on real hyperspectral data. Items in Skemman are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. These approaches were applied to a simple tomographic problem by using a prior distribution introducing sparsity information - Student-t and to a super-resolution problem with a Total Variation TV based prior distribution.

The comparisons with state of art methods showed that our proposed approaches are more efficient than the approaches based on the classical variational Bayesian method.

Moreover, we draw samples from the derived models to further demonstrate the probabilistic connection. Another focal issue is a class of high-order Field of Experts MRFs which are learned generatively from natural image data and yield best quantitative results under Bayesian estimation. This involves minimizing an integral expression, which has no closed form solution in general.

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However, the MRF class under study has Gaussian mixture potentials, permitting expansion by indicator variables as a technical measure. Low-rank minimization models have also been proposed to exploit the sparsity i. Different models will have respectively their merits and drawbacks.

The ASR based methods regularize the projection coeffcients of a signal over an analysis dictionary, and they are able to supply robust priors for image large scale structures. However, the projective coding mechanism of ASR based methods restrict their capacity of benefting from highly redundant dictionaries, limiting their fexibility in modeling image complex texture structures.

The SSR based methods represent a signal as the linear combination of a few atoms in an over-complete dictionary. In chapter 5, we conclude the thesis indicating possible future directions and perspectives. My Thesis was approved with no major corrections and two experts from outside Indiaone Indian expert recommended it for acceptance. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Toggle navigation.As an example, a family of optimal bivariate biorthogonal wavelets is given. Thanks to the geometrical approach, such solution is competitive in comparison with the other ones described in literature. The results presented in the dissertation appear to cornell dissertation biographical sketch the results presented so far in literature, which phd been confirmed both theoretically and experimentally.

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It depends upon the nature of project to select a tool. Yes, we are showing algorithm implementation and calculation in our coding and explaining it to our students. We support all kinds of algorithm and we can compress video by fragmenting it to images.

Transform Coding is a data compression technique used for audio signals or photographic images. It is a lossy compression technique in which lower quality copy of the original image is generated and it enables better quantization.

Coding Redundancy - This type of redundancy is related to the representation of information which is illustrated in the form of codes. This was all about Image Compression. It is a very good topic for research in Digital Image Processing.

Thesis guidance can be taken on this topic from experts having experience in this field. Get in touch with Techsparks if you need a guide to image compression for thesis and research.

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The best part is that all the tutors are verified. Discipline: Accounting. Here, he worked on generative modeling of natural images with Matthias Bethge, in particular using deep learning. After finishing his PhD, he started to work on image compression and super-resolution for Magic Pony Technologies in London - a startup which got acquired by Twitter in Other work includes papers on variational inference, saliency prediction, and computational neuroscience.

Ported to Hugo by DevCows. Workshop and Challenge on Learned Image Compression. Introduction Our workshop aims to gather publications which will advance the field of image and video compression using state of the art machine learning and computer vision techniques.

Even with the long history of signal-processing oriented compression, taking new approaches to image processing have great potential, due to the proliferation of high-resolution cell-phone images and special hardware e.