Dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement

But off the runway and off the playing field, sportswear inspired Jean Cocteau and Diaghilev to imagine Le Train bleu -an opera danced by ath- letes fully equipped in sporty attire designed by Chanel and inspired by the sports outfits of such royalty as the Prince of Wales.

As a mime and a dancer, Colette knew the power of mastering and monitoring movement. Almost ambivalently, Colette valorizes watching the action as much as the action itself. Boxers, cyclists, and those that watched the match grace several pages of her novels. Muscles and joints literally and symbolically offer dishes ready-to- eat. Il est beau comme un immeuble. Le petit se fait joliment. Et l'attache du cou! Ce qu'il est mauvais. Sports d'hiver, je reparlerai de vous. Hunting, sunbathing, horseback riding, and exploring shape fashion for Colette, just as the changes of seasons do.

The pas- sages drip with pleasure but especially the pleasure of moving and being outside-foreground in corporeal movement and apparel. Even inaction between women evokes sex and sweat. In a sense, here Colette might be regretting the passive, voyeuristic, and static environment of the opium dens she described in Le Pur et l'impur begun in Yet the dilemma she poses in La Femme et la neige involves the simple pleasures at stake-shared only between women-when they retreat to the mountain resorts.

Together, women in the snow negotiate the space between physical activity and the post-game wrap-up. Elles sont, en un mot, gaies: c'est la neige" 4. Sports in the snow bring out something different in sporty gals. Skiing and snow lead to drinking and licking in an environment punctuated with the phallic substitutes of train cars and cocktail wieners. Moreover, for Colette, pleasure seems to come as much in the show as it does in the fight. Their seemingly innocent hunger demands gluttonous satiation.

Snow makes her think of the cat. They are natural for those women, who like Mlle Rebardy, and Colette's skieuses, enjoy the company of other strong and body conscious women.

They become independent and capricious well-exer- cised cats lapping-up attention apart from men. Within one month of Courbertin's pro- posal to organize the Olympic games, George Demeny, a physical education teacher and inventor successfully filmed the first chronophotographies.

By fixing body movement through his images, Demeny is truly a forgotten easy no essay scholarships link between the invention of photography and cinema.

Avant-garde filmmakers such as Germaine Dulac were keenly aware of Demeny's and by default, sport science's contribution to her art. As a film theoretician, editor, filmmaker and film activist, Germaine Dulac, just like Colette, cherished the emancipating pos- sibilities of movement and incorporated sports imagery in her films.

What Madame Nillat was to women's sports club, it could be argued that Germaine Dulac was to film clubs. In Germaine Dulac: Filmmaker, Polemicist, Theoretician, Wendy Dozeretz offers a compelling account of the critical leader- ship role Dulac played in both the growth of the cinema and the avant-garde dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement For example, just as Dulac struggled with the conflicting imperatives to promote cinema to the masses, while defending its artistic and technical specificity, so did researchers in sports and physical education agonize over the places for women in competitive sports.

Dulac, like women's sports leaders of her time, was faced with the dilemma of drawing a crowd, without selling out. Also like Nillat, Dulac thrived in controversy and breaking down norms and conventions.

Dissertation sur le theatre

It emphasizes poetics, evocation and abstraction over logic and narrative, offering what one might consider calisthenics for the eyes. Not incidentally, tennis and auto racing, just like practicing the piano, define imaginary spaces for Madame Beudet, the protagonist in Dulac's most well-known film. By focusing on movement, incorporating sports imagery especially through progressive cinematic techniques, Dulac creates spaces where Madame Beudet may exercise her fantasies on her own terms and where she, like the filmmaker, calls the shots.

In Dulac's con- tested imaginary spaces, gender and cultural norms are ultimately up to the spectator. Idealized feminine morphologies were banned and ridiculed just like Madame Beudet's husband and the other bourgeois heterosexual couple in the film. Building and imagining a space where women had alternate scenarios and possibilities was the ultimate goal of her commitment to cinema. Thus like Colette's chronicles and the pop- ular press of the time, Dulac's feminist avant-garde film employs the sport trope to push and reshape the gender and cultural norms of the 20s.

Sports seen, imagined and liberated through the avant- garde lie at the very heart of the tensions between athleticism and aestheticism, sexuality and gender. Accompanying Hingis on her way to the post- Open photo shoot, Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden reported: '"This is the best part of all, taking a picture with the trophy, in a social dress,' Hingis said, flipping her freshly sprayed bob and smiling wickedly through layers of makeup applied for the occasion.

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Bring at least 2 copies services your Signature Sheet with you to the Defense Daniel make daniel rendant dissertation assignment website it is likely on dissertation resume evaluation dissertation evaluation center western m services collecting useful and relevant data their training and experience.

Academic Papers on Criminal Justice Select a paper below to view details. Boek Perth hotels met korting Agoda Beste Prijsgarantie.

The presenter should explain all terms and every concept that is written on slide A research paper is different from a research proposal also known as a prospectusalthough the writing process is similar. Their programs are carefully planned for them and dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement preference in course selection is totally ignored.

Last week, the pledge class of '68 spon- sored a bake sale in front of the dining dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement, to raise money to support an over- seas orphan. The first Clio House open house will take place Friday, October There be such activities as dancing, games, re- freshments and guitar playing. This array of acting skill is solidly di- rected by Lester with a vast knowledge of the human condition; he continually explores the world into which his care- fuly constructed characters are submerg- ed.

And today's world was never more today -ish. Lester's vaultling camera and unleashed artistry including some amaz- ingly deft editing creates the only plaus- ible, non-plausible playing field for Pe- tulia's game of life.

Lester's is the un- swerving eye focused upon today's cul- ture; he displays sequence after sequence of inherently inspired beauty, all reveal- ing the ironic, the absurd, yet the ridicu- lously valid my learning style essay of life.

PETULIA emerges as the perfect blend of actor and director in film composition, and it is a remarkable achievement fully displaying the expanding genius of Rich- ard Lester. The film was released with much fanfare possibly be- cause of its Lesbian explicitness, and aid- ed by a photography in Playboy and a formal objection issued because of the film's several nude scenes by the D.

The production is sensible, and William Fraker's photography often as- pires to the poetic. The values of this film unfold a larger problem: how effective and successful may a filmization be of a complex liter ary classic penned by a writer with the philosophical and emotional depth of a D. The screenwriters and director must communicate the written word via sound and image to the screen They must take what the author may only imply and, in a larger sense, they must film the mind of the author, espe- cially one with the intensity of Lawrence, so as to express his ideas, emotions, and passions that are not always concretely stated in his writing.

Rydell and Lawrencers Koch and Car- lino have partially succeeded in their mo- mentous task.

Dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement

The atmosphere of the film is validly Lawrence. Rydell impacts ex- panses of silence and a skillful use of color; his actors move slowly as if to a dying strain of music although dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement is the everpresent threat of violence lurking within each. Uniting these elements, Ry- dell builds and maintains an incredibly sensual and deeply brooding mood.

Character delineation is something else. Anne Heywood as March is exhil- eratingly Lawrence in her latent sexuality hidden by fierce calm. Dullea is too re- mote and unthreatening to be Lawrence's human fox while Sandy Dennis seems too petulant and demanding as the house- wife.

Performances are good, please un- derstand, but Koch and Carlino failed to cast the roles in the spirit of Lawrence. Rydell never allows his film to tread into the mire of bad taste, and his se- quences posing the duel climaxes of the March and Paul Dullea sexual experi- ence and Jill Dennisout searching for them and gradually entrenching herself in the hysterics of defeat, is a tremendous example of modern cinematic artistry.

So we ask ourselves if a half-success- ful adaptation of literature to film is re- ally worth it. I think it is much better than to make no attempt at all. Dean Ehrhart joins in SCA games La Vie Collegienne plans to publish the results of the faculty voting on the pass-fail system of elective courses outside of the major field as soon as the results are made available to us by the Dean of the College. This is one of those frustrating word pyramids.

Even though the content is of abso- lutely no value, with a complete lack of edu- cational material, most ev- eryone will read it all right down to the very last letter of the last word of the last sentence.

The forms of university-imposed stu- dent restrictions in Europe follow rough- ly the same outlines American adminis- trators have adopted in the past. In the United States, these regulations have taken the form of restrictions on where students may live, when they must return to their dorms at night, visitation bans and drinking, smoking and automobile regulations.

While many Italian, Spanish and Greek universities have been painfully slow in abandoning the "in loco parentis" thesis, several newer British universities have chosen a laissez-faire attitude toward non- academic student life. Visitation allowed The administration of Keele University, one of the newest English institutions, is representative of this new concept. A school with an enrollment of roughly 1, Keele has trusted the student with his own private life.

Only freshmen are required to live in university housing and no closing hours are kept in any of the university's dormi- tories. Visitation men are allowed in women's rooms and vice versa has been unregulated by the university since its in- ception. According to the students at Keele, few problems have resulted from the dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement taken by the administration.

Barbara Dew, a senior at the univer- sity, said, "Most of the students are seri- ous enough about their educations to take care of themselves. The men and the women know they have to be up for classes the next day and most of them get in at reasonable hours.

As for men going into women's rooms, all I can say is that it doesn't happen too often - what can you do when there's a roommate around? You can always do what you want any- way somewhere more private. One thing I should tell you though, is that almost all the students at my university live on campus even though they don't have to - it's the best housing around.

Edgar Messerschmidt spoke before a large gathering of students in the chapel on Oct. The speaker ran for County Commissioner on the Constitutional Party ticket and amassed 2, votes in that election. Messerschmidt is a politican and he spoke on his interpretation of government and its function.

Pennsylvania resident Mr. Messerschmidt started his address with a brief personal history. An LVC alumnus, he has lived in eastern Pennsyl- vania all his life, being born and raised around Reading.

Presently, he is a farmer in the Myerstown area, where he raises horses, some of which are considered valuable. Politically, Mr. Messerschmidt talked of his love of liberty. He felt that freedom is the greatest gift a man can have, but he hastened to add that freedom and license are not the same thing.

A person can have and exercise freedom as long as he does not infringe upon someone elses freedom. He felt that student unrest and racial warfare were great misuses of this freedom. The Constitution is the source of our freedom. Messerschmidt felt that all our rights are given to us through a strict interpretation of this document. Priv- iledges are not given to us through the Constitution, however, and under priv- 4 ileges, Mr. Messerschmidt included vot- ing.

He also stated that all civil rights legislation was illegal because the dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement Amendment was never legally ratified. Individual supreme Mr. Messerschmidt had clear ideas on the government's role in social matters. He stated that social affairs are between individuals or groups of individuals and the Federal government should not bother with such affairs.

He also stated that the government should essay writing structure advance the values of one group or suppress the values of another.

Messerschmidt felt that the leaders of the Negro movement were do- ing this when they place the ideals of the Negro people above those of all Amer- icans. This was the first speaker in this series. On Oct.

Places To Go Directions to these schools, further de- tails, and car pool information may be obtained at the English office. Marston Bates, Prof, of Zo- ology at the Univ. As in years past student organizations have been instru- mental in the planning of the week; this year for the first time, FSC has served as the central coordinator for planning.

A dorm decorating contest will be held throughout the week, with prizes to be presented Friday evening. There will also be a float contest, which any organization or class can enter. The floats must be wagon-sized and will be displayed during half-time of the Saturday morning pow- der-puff football game. Those interested should see Al Clipp about the rules. Kalo, Delphian and the Knights of the Valley will be the organizations respon- sible for Monday night's activities which will include a pep parade through Ann- ville beginning at p.

On Tuesday the four classes will vie for honors in a decorating contest that will begin at p. Evening dance FSC gets into the sponsorship of an activity on Wednesday, October 31, with the college's first mid-week dance.

On Thursday the campus will journey to Hershey to witness the performing tal- ents of Van Cliburn in concert. A powder-puff football game held on the center of campus at a. The game will be fol- lowed by a gigantic pep rally in the gym, featuring "a cast of thousands. In the evening Wig and Buckle will again pre- sent its play, and the L Club will close out the evening with the music of dance. O'Dwyer, who won a surprise victory in New York's Democratic primary con- test last spring in what was seen as a major victory for McCarthy forces, is most widely known as a peace candidate with a stand similar to Business plan writers tulsa ok on the war in Vietnam.

O'Dwyer, who will oppose incumbent Republican Senator Jacob Javits in the November 5 election, is also noted for his sympathy with the causes of students and young people.

He has said young people today are the most sensible group in society. Want outside help Jeff Brand and Paul Nussbaum, co- chairmen of Young Citizens for Calculus problem solver, have recruited more than 6, students from 60 New York state colleges and uni- versities to stuff envelopes, canvass and do other campaign work.

They are also hoping that 15, students from outside New York will charter buses and come to work the four weekends remaining before the election much as students flocked into New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ne- braska before the spring primaries there to work for McCarthy. The students are hoping to chalk up 25, student man-hours for a massive O'Dwyer doorbell-ringing campaign this month. Elizabeth M. GefTen, Associate professor of History, conducted a field trip to various historical sites in Phila- delphia on October 2.

The group next walked to Elfreth's Alley, the oldest residential street in America. Christ Church was the next stop on the walking tour. More walking After lunch the group reassembled at Independence Hall, the home of the Con- tinental Congress. A short talk was given on the history of the Declaration of Inde- pendence and the restoration of the Hall.

Congress Hall, the home of the first rep- resentative body of government in the United States, was next on the list of places visited. Ten- tative dates are Feb. A second poll of the student body was held on Thurs- day, October 10, to determine the stu- dents' exact choice of a group for this concert.

Results of the voting will be announced as soon as possible. His remarks concerned the student union building - why we need it, and a suggestion to finance the building through a capital fund raising drive ini- tiated by the Alumni. As a result of his speech, the Executive Council of the Alumni Association has sent a resolution to the Board of Trustees, stating the need for a student union building, a fine arts building, and a science building; and a recommendation to initiate a campaign for these three buildings.

Only the Board of Trustees has the power to initiate a capi- tal fund raising drive. Extended Hours FSC will buy ten records each semester for the dining hall and five records each semester for Carnegie Lounge. It was suggested that more students would use the Snack Bar if it were open during more convenient hours. The Administration of Lebanon Valley College has finally acquired the confidence spelled i-n-t-e-g-r-i-t-y to debate students, to give straight answers, and to publicly defend its policies.

President Sample has assured us that the evasion and double-talk are to be replaced by open, candid dialogue between student and administrator. Well and good, but it is not that simple an affair. While in the past Valley students had difficulty drawing meaningful response from the Ad- ministration, President Sample may now find students defaulting their role in the exchange.

Certainly the turnout about ten percent of the student body at the Senior Forum last Wednesday constituted a default by the students. The poor attendance revealed the extent to which students have lost faith in the College.

The President's ignorance of this dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement es- trangement must, of course, be excused by his inexperience. Continued ignorance may lead to the frustration of his announced goals for the school Certainly it is not a problem for which he can be blamed. Years of failure to make policy and administrative responsibility explicit have created confusion and frustration among questioning students.

Last year's Senior Forums, approached with hope and enthusiasm by the students, produced instead bitterness, despair, and ultimate resignation. This resignation has since been interpreted as apathy, and the blame for campus lethargy passed to the students. However, the LVC Students for McCarthy campaign revealed a great willingness for participation in meaningful ac tivity. Rather than apathy, student trust in the college has been destroyed by the endless double-talk and buck-passing which reached a near-parody level in last year's discussion of Chapel Policy.

Many students now regard discussion with any college personnel other than the maintenance staff a waste of time. Of course, students cannot be completely absolved of responsibility for the breakdown of communication. Although many are quick to point out the difference between LVC and the large schools, it is forgotten that the petition, the demonstration, and the boycott are considered legitimate extensions of dialogue at those schools.

These methods could have been used by Valley students to achieve recognition by the Administration; in- stead, the students merely returned to private griping in the dorm. The Administration, sure in the stability of the student body, could afford to take student opinion lightly and did so.

The result is a cynical student approach to activities, democratic processes, and LVC. President Sample, if he is to achieve his goal of a wholesome, suspicion-free atmosphere on campus, will have to overcome this cynicism and rewin the trust of the students. To do so he will have to maintain his policy of quick and honest answers, and above all, will have to make good on any promises he should make. We are inclined to believe the President will meet these conditions.

Dissertation le theatre -

The students also have a responsibility: for us, it is a time to believe again. We must believe that the Administration will listen, care, and respond. It is time to believe that a petition will be more effective than a bull-session gripe in the dorm. If there is concern over Chapel Policy, girls' rules, use of campus facilities, or any other problem, the dissatisfied parties should make their grievances known.

We do not think the effort will be in vain. Should the Administration prove us wrong by deciding not to take student opinion seriously, the students will have the option of returning to the dorm bull-sessions or of taking measures to re-open the dialogue. The choice would depend on how seriously the students take their problems. But that is not the immediate concern.

The problem now is to trans- fer quiet dissatisfaction into the student half of a campus dialogue. This must be done while the Administration is respectful of and receptive to student suggestions. Now is the time to attend forums, to circulate petitions, to form committees, to hold subtle demonstrations, not simply because it is fashionable or because it will bring the Valley into this century or because we say so, but because in this way the Administration will be made aware of student opinions and problems.

Hopefully, this information will produce action. Though this hope may not be rewarded, this seems to be a good time to believe that it will, and in believing to act.

Following the dinner there will be dancing to the music of The Princemen. On October 22, at p. APO will present to the student body Mr. John C. Pittenger, a Democrat from Lancaster. Pittenger has had one year's experience in the House. This will be the second in a series of political speakers inaugurated to bring the students of Lebanon Valley College closer to the political ideas and complexi- ties in our society. The following evening, in hopes that the student body will be made more aware of the danger of drug addiction, APO will present two films dealing with marijuana and LSD.

Saturday evening, October 26, APO will again invite the students to gather in the dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement gym for a record hop. After the business was discussed, Miss Fultz told of her work trek experience in Switzer- land and showed slides of the country and its people.

Also mentioned were her brief visits to Spain, England and Bel- gium. Gloria seasons in france essay the rare opportunity to see a genuine Spanish bull fight. The club has planned a money-making project for October, a first year teacher panel at the November meeting and a visit to the Elizabethtown Crippled Chil- dren's Hospital to dissertation le theatre est un divertissement a puppet show.

On October 12 the club held an Art Workshop supervised by Mr. Batchelor, both an elementary art teacher and a college art professor. The group worked with paper-mache making Halloween masks and animals from a cardboard base. The masks, although rather crude, are verly suitable for Halloween.

To the Editor: I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Bemesderfer for scheduling the Alpha Omega Players' production of "Saint Joan" during our chapel hour. Hav- ing seen the play last year I was excited with the possibility of seeing it again. Apparently our spiritual leaders have no desire to encourage the development of cultural good taste.

KOLAR a. KOLAR b. Neues Museum, Berlin. Figure 1- Chariot cultuel, Burg im Spreewald, What should i write my college essay about. Alliage cuivreux. Vienne, Naturhistorisches Museum. L: 34 cm. Figure 3- Casque de Tintignac, France. British Museum, Londres. BF, av. Alliage cuivreux et corail. BEDE I. HATT J. Figure 1. Figure 5. Figure 7.

Figure 8. Figure 9. Figure HEITZ, Baud dans BAUD,p. Achievements and best practices on customer-related approach in university libraries Customer s satisfaction has begun to emerge as a problem of organization in the late 70's, when competition increased and led to the displacement of market forces ratio, from producer to consumer. Studies focused on meeting customer requirements have led to the emergence of marketing as a distinct field of theory and practice.

The central concept in marketing is the customer, and the purpose is its satisfaction. Marketing aims at designing and providing services and products appropriate to customer requirements. Concepts as developing relationships with customers, developing organization identity and branding, communication, pricing policies, etc. The concept began to be applied in libraries worldwide with over 20 years ago. Many papers describe the reasons and achievements of university libraries in the field of marketing [2].

Most applications were targeted to identify customer needs and feedback from customers. University libraries have created mechanisms for communicating with customers in order to meet two main objectives: on one hand to provide useful information and access to products and services, on the other hand to collect data from customers.

Computerization has facilitated the development of customer communication tools. Thus, the websites of academic libraries have become important tools of communication with consumers of library services, giving them access to the web catalog, database and ejournals, e-reserve with scan images of lectures note, articles, and exam paper for viewing downloading or printing; and support for getting the client's feedback online, conducted by electronic suggestion boxes, client satisfaction surveys, staff feedback etc.

Currently, these tools are widely spread and can be viewed on the universities websites: McGill University Library [8], Monash University Library [9], Victoria University Library [11] are only some illustrative examples. In the last decade, developing applications for customer research paper for pay management in libraries is increasingly linked to quality orientation.

The approach of customer relationship, in this context is broader; it is considered the connection between customer satisfaction and other performance criteria and inclusion in the development plans of the library [2]. In this respect, it is clear the interest in establishing strategies and library policies, elements of identity branding [7]; a topic of interest is the characterization of library services in economic terms, aiming to achieve a balance between customer satisfaction and resources spent on library services [3].

However, customer remains a central element of management in providing information needed to ensure continuous improvement in the library s performance. Diagnostic analysis of the customer approach - case study in Transilvania University Library The case study aims to look at how the Transilvania University of Brasov Library deals with the customer relationship.

University library's mission is to ensure proper documentation and information necessary for education, recovery and their communication and other services for information users dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement facilitating diversified and fast access to all categories of sources. Other papers done previously by the authors [4],[5],[6], reveal the efforts made by the university in the last decade to improve performance and library services.

Currently there is concern for the implementation of quality management in the University Library, enabling better coordination of actions for change, given the consistency with university requirements and efficient use of resources. This paper is circumscribed in this objective. Library's customers, with the meaning given to the concept in management, are beneficiaries of services provided by the library, namely: individuals, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic staff, researchers and other categories; faculties or other departments of the university; other libraries and extern customers.

Each of these three segments has specific needs and the library services are different on categories of users. The University library structure [10] is adapted to the services provided, and includes: acquisitions and interlibrary exchange publications, consultation publications at room, loan center, computerization, printing-copying. For each of the areas of activity are carried out activity plans and reports. Table 1 presents a summary of services provided and statistics and performance indicators of library services, from the Annual reports of the Transilvania University library.

Table 1. Summary of the Annual report of the Transilvania University library [10] Statistical indicators, volumes Services for customers segments Individuals University Departments Other Home borrow users Study room borrowing 7. Activity records does not reflect the qualitative aspects, there is no information on the quality of services: if users have found or not the required work, the duration of the process of serving, librarians behavior, etc.

This weakness was noted in previous studies [6] being associated to the system of indicators used to characterize the quality of the university library activity. Since the library's main task is to support educational and research processes of the university, have been designated persons - employees of the library - to keep in touch with the faculties, but the results are not up to expectations.

The role of these employees must be strengthened, so the library can support the educational process by establishing and facilitating access to learning support materials. A study on this topic [1] highlights the need for systematic use of marketing tools for promotion, collaboration and maintaining effective links between library and faculties.

It is important to establish clearly what needs to be done, to develop skills for liaison librarians, in order to fulfill their role well, and to assess faculties satisfaction to see if their needs are met. The services offered by the library must be made known to the users.

The tools used for this purpose by the Transilvania University Library are varied: informing the first-year students, information posted on the website and intranet. Among the positive achievements of the library the most important are the facilities offered by the automation system Softlink Liberty3 for: accessing the Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC from any computer with access to the Internet; downloading the available electronic documents; reserving materials or prolonging the due time for returning the materials on loan, on the basis of a personal Conclusions The previous analysis shows that in Transilvania University Library many changes are made for improving the quality of the library services, consisting specially in the computerization of the customer information and access to the library services.

However, the tools for identifying the customer needs and theirs satisfaction evaluation are insufficient or inexistent. Customer orientation is one of the key axes of change in the Transilvania University Library, aiming the continuous harmonization of library services and the university quality objectives.

Actions in this regard will be directed to reflect the specific requirements on customer categories, and aim: developing a system to identify the needs and monitor customer satisfaction; improving the relationship library-faculty by developing specific programs.

Achieving these targets is the subject of distinct studies, in progress or that will be initiated by the university library, integrated in the program of implementing quality management in the library. Solving problems takes into account best practices worldwide, and the resources available to university.

Bakeri Abu Bakar, A. Marketing library and information services: international perspectives. Library metrics and expectations for the evaluation of digital libraries, Available at: Metrics.

Popescu, M. Available at: 9. The digitised books from the Gallica catalogue are very old and barely accessible to the public. They have been edited, the most part of them, at the beginning of the 19th century. This database is an excellent research tool. Based on the author's archive expertise, the paper has as main goal the presentation of the Clichy heritage through three historical subjects, extracted from the above mentioned resources.

The book presents three case studies: a name Boisson de St. Roard, and a place - The Revolt Road. The new technologies offered by the Internet open in this way doors considered until now closed to the public. Key words: digitisation, old books, Gallica, new technologies. Aujourd hui, je vous propose trois exemples de recherche : Un ancien Maire de Clichy-la-Garenne, Une entreprise, Un lieu.

Qui est ce Buisson de St-Sulpice? Et sa descendance? Buisson s abonne au journal des Maires qui rappelle ce qu est l administration municipale. Enles deux partis ne s entendant pas, le brevet sera caduc. Quant il constate qu elles sont abordables, il devient un acheteur enthousiaste. Pour le remercier, le jeune Renoir peint un remarquable portrait d Augustine. ROARD qui l a plante d arbres. Tous ses symboles pour le reflet de son travail. C est l affluence! Un accident.

NOTE [1]. This phenomenon does not only affect librarians practices. It forces them to reshape their social role and legitimacy.

That is why bringing innovation today means less technical solutions than a new search for professional identity and political reflections.

Dissertation le theatre est il un divertissement

The diversity of the public pushes us to embrace the society as a whole. In such a context, professional defensive reactions and homogeneity as such as out of date political representations are brakes on innovation. Today, more than ever, innovating in libraries raises the question of their place in the society. Keywords: innovation, management, professional identity, public policy. Quelle innovation ai-je bien eu le temps d apporter? Mais l espace social peut alors prendre le pas sur le projet culturel.

Aujourd hui je dirais exactement l inverse. Encourager l ouverture 4. Only a very few structures generously share advice for these volunteers of the literary priesthood, to go to the end of the night, of the trip that makes from a text an act of complete consistency. We are the partisans of this guild and involve each of our authors in a book chain by making them to participate in the physical design of their own work, building the link between the mind and the body.

Approching this original pattern, our challenge is to obtain recognision for the quality of our step from the networks of book experts. If we open a small door for those projects outside academic standards, the quantity of prints would be small, far from the mass production. The booksellers are struggling to be the relay of these initiatives, not profitable enough, and then a question arises for us, the librarians who have a public service mission as well: Could the librarians replace the work of booksellers, taking time to promote this kind of authentic approach that links form and content, word and paper, pen and glue, because only the written word leaves trace through time?

Key words: association, publishing house, book, creative writing, volunteering. One of the main aims of the NALIS project is to be done a retrospective conversion of traditional catalogues and implementing software for digital objects. So the process of retrospective conversion was linked with the process of digitalization. There will be presented the process of planning the retrospective conversion as well as the way it will be used for digitalization of collections.

Key words: retrospective conversion, digitalization, bibliographic control. Implementing information technologies in libraries a half century ago entirely changed their work. Integrated library and information systems allow various information resources to be catalogued, saved, administrated and presented to users. Contemporary integrated library and information systems facilitate the work of librarians, allowing them the ability to order and acquire, receive and invoice, catalog, circulate, track and shelve materials culture jeune dissertation. All possibilities of contemporary library systems can be used if the information about library collections is converted in the e-catalogue.

The process of conversion is called retrospective conversion. Retrospective conversion is converting data from card and printed catalogues into machine readable form [2]. Most of national and university libraries in the world finished this task but most of libraries on the Balkan Peninsula are faced with it today. The University Library St. Kliment Ohriski was established in at the same time as the Institute of Higher Education in Sofia.

Its main task for more than years is to insure the library and scientific and information servicing of professors and students from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohriski. It is one of the biggest libraries in Bulgaria, just behind the. Kiril i Metodii.

The Sofia University Library is a modern library and information complex which consists of Central Library and 24 branch libraries at faculties, departments and specialties. Its collections consist of more than volumes. It owns annually increase with titles in volumes. There are received books, serials and e-resources by purchase, gift, exchange and deposit. The University Library is the first fully automated library in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian automated system was implemented in and then the library migrated to the integrated library and information system ALEPH two years later, it was in production up to the middle of All processes in the library are automated. Traditional catalogues are maintained up to then e-catalogue only exists. The University Library successfully migrated to the integrated library and information parents helping with homework pbs parents ALEPH in Implementation of the new system entirely changed the work of the library not only in cataloguing but in circulation also.

A project for creating National Academic Library and Information System supported by foundation America for Bulgaria started in the same year.

The main mission of the project is to answer the growing need of the modern Bulgarian society for the following: Functional integration of the library and information systems and catalogue registers of the research institutes, universities and some bigger book repositories [creating union catalogue, note by the author]; High awareness in the field of research and scientific activity; Application of up-to-date information service models meeting world standards; International cooperation in the field of the library information and communication systems [3].

Presenting the collections of participating libraries in e-catalogue will lead to adequate library and information servicing of users, will facilitate the possibilities for interlibrary loan and document delivery service. That s why one of the main aims of the project is making a retrospective conversion. Brian Scotlander [4] point out the necessary circumstances which must be fulfilled by the library before beginning the process of retrospective conversion: a.

According to the same author [5] the stages of the process of recon of catalogues are: 1. Establish parameters of the recon project i. The University Library has made retrospective conversion in the process of lending since when a user wants to borrow a book, which is not in the e-catalogue, then librarians make a short record which include Cyrillic alphabet is used in Bulgaria that s why the library has three catalogues catalogue of Bulgarian Cyrillic, foreign Cyrillic Russian, Serbian etc.

The greater part of collections is in Bulgarian but the most valuable collections are on Roman alphabet. Catalogues are also divided chronologically catalogue of books entered in the University library in the period this is the so called Historical catalogue, dissertation le theatre est il un simple divertissement was created by the first Director of the University Library academician Stoyan Argirov; the bibliographic description was made by the Prussian instructions and consisted of short information including author, title, place of publication and year of publishing and the catalogue of books entered the University Library in the period a union catalogue of the University Library which presents the collections of the Central Library and branch libraries; the information is fuller than those in the Historical catalogue.

That is why the scope was oriented to the more valuable and important collection for the Bulgarian scientific society. Retrospective conversion of the books catalogue entered in the University Library in the period began. In taking the decision which of both catalogues to be chosen was considered the fact that in the process of retrospective conversion took part librarians who did not work at the Cataloguing department that was the most important factor which lead to begin with the catalogue where bibliographic descriptions are fuller, more clearly and near to contemporary standards.

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